Our community

We are a community for students, self-taught, geek and computer enthusiasts to let them share their expertise in the field of new technology, we believe that young Malagasy has many talent in the field of computing.

Techzara is formed by four communities, Geeka Girls, Electronics and Robotics, Developpers, Network and System. We organize workshops every Saturday to share new or create cool things in the tech field.

Techzara Vam

Electronics and Robotics community project.

Techzara Vam

Our Approach

We also organize workshops for high school students like EKAODY, for colleges like the MyFirstProgram, This workshop is coached by our members.


This program aims to guide high school students in the scientific field, we create a mini-program with scratch, blockly and python tools.


This program is a holiday workshop for young people between 10 and 17 years, this program aims to create a mini-program with python and blockly.


We also have trainings for our members, to reinforce them in programming language, datastructure, algorithm trained by the professionals in the field.